Retro Clothing

Vintage Style Dresses, Tops & More! 

Welcome to Retrolicious, where timeless elegance meets modern style. Our company is dedicated to bringing you the finest collection of retro-inspired clothing. With a deep appreciation for the fashion of bygone eras, we strive to create styles that capture the essence of classic elegance while infusing them with a contemporary twist. Each dress is meticulously designed and crafted, paying attention to every detail to ensure the highest quality and a perfect fit. At Retolicious, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident, beautiful, and empowered, and our dresses are here to make that possible. Step into our world of retro fashion and embrace your unique style with our handpicked collection of dresses that celebrate the beauty of the past and the excitement of the present.

Step into the realm of fashion fun and whimsy with quirky and conversational prints! Gone are the days of plain and predictable patterns. It's time to embrace the joyous and unconventional side of style. Let's dive into the world of prints that spark conversations and add a touch of playfulness to your wardrobe.


Retrolicious is a vintage inspired brand of retro clothing, vintage dresses and quirky clothing for the modern enthusiast. You can find our love for color and fit on all of our retro style designs including: vintage inspired dresses, quirky dresses, 60's inspired mod tops, retro style skirts, 1950's style swing skirts, and retro accessories.  We like to compliment our bright and colorful pieces with vintage inspired staples like our retro Boat Neck tops, pin up Isabel tops, and 50s style Charlotte skirts.  Whether you're looking for vintage style outfits, geeky inspired clothing like our Science and Space collections, or a classic pinup outfit; Retrolicious has it all!

We're committed to offering a vast range of our styles in plus sizes.  Our plus size selection of dresses, skirts & tops range from sizes 1X to 4X.  We take pride in our plus size range: we cut separately for our plus size girl which ensures a fabulous fit at any size.

Retro Clothing

All of our Retrolicious styles are made right here in sunny California with love.  We're a small business dedicated to ethical practices and delivering a fun, unique product to our customers.

Retrolicious - fun frocks for everyone :)